#113 Outreachy Proposal: Fragment - Conversation Caretaker
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This is a proposed project for Outreachy. Note that once this ticket is approved you will have to register as a mentor on the Outreachy page and enter this information again. Many of these questions are based on the application on the Outreachy website.

  • One-line name
    Fragment - Conversation Caretaker
  • Short title for this internship project proposal. This should be 100 characters or less, starting with a verb like "Create", "Improve", "Extend", "Survey", "Document", etc. Assume the applicant has never heard of your technology before and keep it simple. The short title will be used in your project page URL, so keep it short.
    Create a web app for users to browse IRC/Matrix meetings that take place in the Fedora Project community.
  • Longer description of project
    The project can be described as follows
    • Mote is a web application purposed to aggregate and distribute the minutes and logs for IRC/Matrix meetings of the Fedora Project community.
    • The project allows looking up of meeting info with channel names, dates/times of occurrence and lists recent meetings for quick access.
    • The backend is written in Python with the use of libraries such as Flask micro web framework, BeautifulSoup4, Urllib3, Click, Werkzeug etc.
    • The frontend is written in HTML5, CSS3 and ES6 with the use of libraries such as Bootstrap 5, jQuery, Popper.JS, EasyQRCode etc.
    • The project builds upon a legacy project Mote by fixing a lot of inherent issues present in the previous version and extending the featureset.
    • Fragment is an upstream project for Mote and by the end of the internship term, all curated changes would make their way back to the Mote repository.
  • License of the project
    CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Longevity (How long has the team accepted contributions)
    10+ years
  • Community Size
  • How will this project benefit Fedora?
    The project can benefit Fedora in the following ways
    • By making the interface for accessing IRC/Matrix meeting minutes and logs accessible on a variety of devices irrespective of viewport dimensions.
    • By providing a streamlined way of searching for meetings by indexing and with respect to meeting channel, dates and times of occurrence.
    • By becoming a reference implementation for meeting indexes for other IRC/Matrix-connected communities to possibly extend feature sets from.
  • Sample plan of work for the 12 week internship. What are the milestones the intern should be hitting? This doesn't need to be incredibly detailed and can change later but there needs to be a general breakdown of tasks.
    • Week 1 - Perform heuristic analysis and come up with mockups for interface design
    • Week 2 - Begin implementing design changes on the existing project code
    • Week 3 - Curate links on meeting minutes and sensibly redirect to correct locations
    • Week 4 - Progress evaluation Ichi + Reflecting on suggested improvements
    • Week 5 - Build per-message hyperlink reference for meeting logs
    • Week 6 - Write a script to build server-side index for meeting channels, dates and times
    • Week 7 - Plug fedora-messaging consumer with websockets-based notification
    • Week 8 - Progress evaluation Ni + Reflecting on suggested improvements
    • Week 9 - Create systemd unit for the project with appropriate static file references
    • Week 10 - Package the project into an RPM and test updates
    • Week 11 - Work on deploying the project on the staging OCP4 cluster
    • Week 12 - Progress evaluation San + Reflecting on suggested improvements
  • Benefits to interns (What will the intern get out of this internship?)
    • Knowledge about designing UI and performing UX evaluation
    • Experience of working with messaging queues and production-ready infrastructure
    • Skills of packaging software for prominent RPM based distributions
    • Information about system administration and GNU/Linux tools
  • Project website
  • Project repo
  • Where can an applicant find application tasks?
  • IRC/Matrix
    • fedora-admin at irc.libera.chat:6697
    • fedora-websites at irc.libera.chat:6697
  • Skills required including what level and if they are optional (e.g. Python Intermediate, CSS beginner, we'll teach you Puppet)
    • Python (Intermediate)
    • HTML5/CSS3 (Intermediate)
    • JavaScript (Intermediate)
    • Functional documentation (Intermediate)
    • Git (Beginner)
    • UI/UX design and evaluation (Good to have)
    • RPM packaging (To be taught)
    • GNU/Linux tools (To be taught)
    • OpenShift Container Platform (To be taught)
    • Messaging queue (To be taught)
  • Outreachy applicants are required to make a contribution as part of the application. What is the process for making a contribution?
    Get in touch with the Fedora Websites and Apps team (#fedora-websites at irc.libera.chat:6697) and connect regarding possible tasks and learning opportunities

Questions from the top level Outreachy Program for the mentor application

  • How long have you been contributing to the community?
    ~2 years
  • What is your current role?
    • Associate Software Engineer, Red Hat Community Platform Engineering team
    • Objective Co-lead, Fedora Websites and Apps Objective Revamp
    • Objective Representative, Fedora Council
  • Have you mentored a three-month internship program before?
    I have been a General Mentor for Outreachy 2021 - March cohort for Fedora Project
  • Have you read the mentor page and understand the process of being a mentor?
    Yes, I do.
  • Are you available for 5 hours a week during the internship period?
    Yes, I am.
  • Are you available for 5-10 hours a week during the application period?
    Will 5-7 hours do?
  • Are you aware you need to sign a mentor contract?
    Yes I am.

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