#1 LT Goal: Let's build a website to promote our participation and history
Opened 3 years ago by bex. Modified 11 months ago

Build a website (mentored-projects.fedorproject.org with aliases from gsoc.fp.o and outreachy.fp.o) to contain:
- How to apply information (process, etc. that currently lives in the wiki)
- Historical participation information so we can trumpet our successes and publicize them
- How to become a mentor/propose a project information

The data for GSoC is mostly loaded. Next steps for this are:

  1. Review the GSoC data and see if we can build a list of successful projects
  2. Redirect wiki pages to these new pages.
  3. Find the data for Outreachy

Metadata Update from @bex:
- Issue tagged with: easyfix

2 years ago

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