#24 Inconsistent "emptiness" for some fields
Closed: Invalid None Opened 4 years ago by codeblock.

For some requests, some fields return null, while for others, they return [].

ricky@t520 99% ~$ http https://apps.fedoraproject.org/mdapi/f22/pkg/python-fn | jq '.enhances'

ricky@t520 99% ~$ http https://apps.fedoraproject.org/mdapi/f22/pkg/chicken | jq '.enhances'

Is this intentional behavior?

Same for recommends, suggests, and supplements.

That is intentional, fields that are not in the DB are null, fields that are in the DB but returned nothing are [].

The different in results here is to do:

  • python-fn: "repo": "release"
  • chicken: "repo": "updates"

So it looks like our F22 updates has soft dependencies enabled, but not the F22 release repo.

I'm going to close this ticket, assuming you are satisfied by the answer.

If you are not feel free to say so, so that we can re-open it.

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