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I would like to see applications such as :
Yarok music player
qutIM but in fedora for so long was not updated
qpdfview is a tabbed document viewer
Qupzilla web browser

Thank you for your ideas! Yarok, qpdfview are also on my list of preferred apps. QupZilla is already included. I'll check qutIM, never used it right now.

Do you know a good and lightweight text editor?

Do you know a good and lightweight text editor?
I like notepadqq

qt in fedora are very few applications

which calendar and calculator you have to offer

calculator: i think kcalc, in general the modularization of KDE is so good nowadays that we can use their smaller apps (so many apps, except stuff like PIM) to fill some gaps. Another example: ark for archiving

calendar: no idea :(

And of course: If LXQt provides an application we should use that one, e.g. lximage-qt image viewer

Also useful: Others already thought about that: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=List_of_Qt_Applications
from this list, fedora is not enough peazip , meteo-qt , znotes

calendar: no idea :(
I even google finds no calendar on qt . it is very sad

As for the text editor you may also want to have a look at FeatherPad.
It's developed by an LXQt team member, Qt and all in all pretty good, IMO. Unfortunately it would first need to make it into the Fedora repositories.

Regarding the calculator I'd personally go with nothing but SpeedCrunch.
I think it's by far the best Qt calculator and already included in the Fedora repositories.

The developer of FeatherPad is also working on a notes manager FeatherNotes. It is rather at the beginning, an upstream release let alone a Fedora package does not exist so far. Yet I think this looks like a promising project definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Btw. I think topic PIM represents the biggest problem to remain as far as Qt desktops are concerned. The KDE applications are seeing massive problems since release 4, other applications are close to non-existent. E. g. Trojita is unfortunately still a rudiment after all those years, IMO.

FeatherPad is on my todo-list for packaging, I'll check SpeedCruch. You're right, PIM os the biggest problem, I was even not sure whether we should include Trojita, KDE PIM apps are not an option (they're quite stable now, but Akonadi is a no-go for a light desktop).

Do you know a good multi protocol messenger based on Qt5? I have Quassel IRC and Psi+ now for IRC and XMPP, but some Qt based Pidgin like would be better. I tested qutIM but was not convinced.

Personally I'd drop Trojit√°.
If I'm not mistaken the planned Spin is meant to be a system usable on a daily basis. And who would want to work with a mail client e. g. supporting a single account only and still lacking a spellchecker? Also, as explained in #1, a GTK-free desktop system is rather a dream right now anyway, IMO. So I figure Thunderbird is still the least evil choice if it comes to stand-alone mail clients.

The only kind of chat I'm personally participating in on a regular basis is IRC which I'm handling with Quassel, too. So I cannot give any hint on that matter.

That aside meanwhile two more applications came to my mind:
sddm-config-editor would certainly be good to have. As for multimedia, Audacious compiled against Qt 5 is more and more getting another really good alternative.
Sure enough both are missing in the Fedora repositories so far.

Let me guess you all know our wiki page [1]? Feel free to add your suggestions there. Here we can continue with discussion, of course.

What dou you think about qmplay2 [2] as the default media player? Well, a media player does not show much functionality without the right codecs installed and those are in RPMFusion because of legal issues, so we are stuck with limited features there.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LXQt_SIG#Suggested_applications
[2] https://github.com/zaps166/QMPlay2

[1] I agree sddm-config-editor is needed. The current situation for configuring sddm in GUI is through sddm-kcm which requires plasma-systemsettings to configure it. The same problem applies to Kwin too if that's the long term goal of having Wayland on LXQt.

[2] I was going to ask about switching to Konsole, but since there's a plan for QTerminal to depend on Konsole widgets, I guess I can forget the rants about how massively bug riddance QTerminal is. Here's hope to KDE to be more open up. But then again Konsole does have quite a number of features QTerm don't. So my 2 cents on this.

[3] I really think there should be some sort of task manager. It's not the same as running top inside QTerminal. And half of the time for bug reporting is trying to guess the GUI's binary name which is a pain. But I do wish there's LXQt or Qt-based equivalent though. (Jokes on lxtask) Maybe qps? Worst case is ksysguard.

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