#15 livesys-xfce: run gio command as liveuser
Merged 5 months ago by ngompa. Opened 5 months ago by seaninspace.
seaninspace/livesys-scripts main  into  main

@@ -47,4 +47,5 @@ 

  chmod +x /home/liveuser/Desktop/liveinst.desktop


  # set xfce-exe-checksum metadata to make the harddisk installer desktop icon trusted (#2172854)

- gio set -t string /home/liveuser/Desktop/liveinst.desktop metadata::xfce-exe-checksum "$(sha256sum /home/liveuser/Desktop/liveinst.desktop | awk '{print $1}')"

+ LIVEINST_DESKTOP_CHECKSUM="$(sha256sum /home/liveuser/Desktop/liveinst.desktop | awk '{print $1}')"

+ sudo -u liveuser dbus-launch gio set -t string /home/liveuser/Desktop/liveinst.desktop metadata::xfce-exe-checksum ${LIVEINST_DESKTOP_CHECKSUM}

Tested on Fedora-Xfce-Live-x86_64-38-1.4.iso running the full script as root.

sudo -u liveuser would work better here.

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  • livesys-xfce: use sudo instead of su
5 months ago

rebased onto 83594b1

5 months ago

done and verified on RC 1.4

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