#15 Build without documentation failing
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It's impossible to build libuser without documentation. Configure --disable-gtk-doc switch has no effect and docs/Makefile uses sgml2txt without configure checking for existence of the tool (therefore failing during make phase)

It should be possible to build libuser without html documentation

Replying to [ticket:15 sochotni]:

It should be possible to build libuser without html documentation


I don't dispute that --disable-gtk-doc part, I'll take a look at that. However I can't see the greater point. sgml2txt is simply a non-optional build dependency recorded in the spec file. Why should it be optional?

I wasn't actually looking at the spec file. Just that even though configure succeeds, make will fail when you don't have sgml2txt installed. I would be slightly nicer if configure bailed earlier (or that part should be optional)

Thanks for your report.

In commit 622996990cdd I have modified the build system to include pre-built documents in the tarball, which removes the dependency on sgml2txt when building from a tarball (but not when building from a hg checkout). Considering that sgml2txt is fairly archaic and the resulting documentation is not installed anywhare, this is a reasonable tradeoff.

In my testing, gtk-doc isn't required; even without --disable-gtk-doc libuser compiles fine when gtk-doc is not installed (installing pre-built documentation that is included in the tarball).

What effect were you expecting from --disable-gtk-doc that isn't there? (IOW, what are the steps to reproduce?)

(To clarify, sgml2txt is used by libuser explicitly, it's not called by the gtk-doc toolchain.)

Basically my goal was to have whole documentation installation to be optional. Not just building, but installing as well (manpages being a separate thing). Did I miss some other configuration option? I can workaround by removing the documentation after make install into DESTDIR but I'd prefer if it was possible to just disable at configure time

Based on an IRC conversation: The next release will be possible to build without having gtk-doc and sgml2txt installed; extra options to disable installing documentation are not planned.

Fix released in libuser-0.61.

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