## LibreJS - WebExtensions Edition ##


First, you need to get some stuff with npm:
  $ npm install acorn-loose
  $ npm install jssha
  $ npm install browserify
  $ export PATH=$PATH:./node_modules/.bin

To build the extension run:
  $ browserify main_background.js -o bundle.js

To build the extension plus create a .xpi package run:
  $ ./

To build the extension including the automated test suite (see TEST below) run:
  $ ./ -t
  $ ./ --test

Note: this script relies on no new source files being created.


To debug this add-on on IceCat and other Firefox derivatives, browse to the special URL "about:debugging", select "Enable add-on debugging", and load the manifest.json in this directory with the "Load Temporary Add-on" button.

LibreJS should work with other WebExtensions-compliant browsers; but currently, none of them meet the freedom standards of GNU, so no help will be provided for their usage.


An automated test suite runs automatically in its own tab whenever the extension
is loaded as a "temporary add-on" from about:debugging.
Otherwise (if included in the xpi, see BUILD above) it can be launched from the
UI by clicking the [Automated self test...] button.


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