#6 Creating private issues even when marked as private=False
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by kushal.

Even though I marked the bug to be not private, list_issues() says that the bug is private.

>>> import libpagure
>>> p = libpagure.Pagure(pagure_token='THEKEYTOKENWHATEVER', pagure_repository='atomic-images')
>>> p.list_issues()
>>> p.create_issue(title='this image: f23', content='Failed failed',private=False)
>>> p.list_issues()
[{u'status': u'Open', u'blocks': [], u'tags': [], u'title': u'this image: f23', u'comments': [], u'content': u'Failed failed', u'assignee': None, u'depends': [], u'private': True, u'date_created': u'1446058192', u'id': 1, u'user': {u'fullname': u'Kushal Das', u'name': u'kushal'}}]

I believe this is a bug in pagure, I'll fix it :)

It is still creating private tickets. So reopening the ticket.

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