#11 Is this repository supported?
Opened 2 years ago by gonzoleeman. Modified 2 years ago

It seems like little activity here, and wanted to create a pull request, but they are disabled?

Should this be forked to someplace where it will be supported?

The preferred method of contribution is through patches sent to the linux-aio@kvack.org mailing list.

I submitted my patch there, but I'm not on that mailing list, so not sure if it got there, or if there are any replies. I tried to subscribe, but not sure if that got through ...

I don't see it. I went ahead and enabled pull requests here. Give that a try and let me know if you still have problems. Sorry for the friction.

Hi! I created a pull request. Note that my fix just removes a test that is no longer needed, since the compiler ensures that particular combination of bad parameters can't be passed into a function.

It might be more clever to leave the test in but ifdefed on compiler version, if there is some way you can do that. But instead I took the approach that HEAD of a software package needs to work with the latest compiler, as long as changes done to support that still compile with the older version. So this pull request is simple: just remove that one test case. I hope the commit message makes it clear why.

An updated pull request has been submitted.

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