This is the Application Binary Interface Generic Analysis and
Instrumentation Library.

It aims at constructing, manipulating, serializing and de-serializing
ABI-relevant artifacts.

The set of artifacts that we are intersted is made of quantities like
types, variable, fonctions and declarations of a given library or
program.  For a given library or program this set of quantities is
called an ABI corpus.

This library aims at (among other things) providing a way to compare
two ABI Corpora (apparently the plural of corpus is copora, heh,
that's cool), provide detailed information about their differences,
and help build tools to infer interesting conclusions about these

You are welcome to contribute to this project after reading the files
CONTRIBUTING and COMMIT-LOG-GUIDELINES files in the source tree.

Communicating with the maintainers of this project -- including
sending patches to be include to the source code -- happens via email