#892 cli: also load plugins from ~/.koji/plugins
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@@ -65,20 +65,40 @@ 

                  globals()[name] = v



- def load_plugins(options, path):

-     """Load plugins specified by our configuration plus system plugins. Order

-     is that system plugins are first, so they can be overridden by

-     user-specified ones with same name."""

+ def load_plugins(plugin_paths):

+     """Load plugins specified by input paths, ~/.koji/plugins, system plugins.

+     Loading order is descending, so they can be overridden by user-specified

+     ones.

+     Notice that:

+     - plugin file should end with .py extension

+     - non-directory is not acceptable by plugin_paths

+     - all plugin files and the exported handlers inside will be loaded, and

+       handler with the same name will override the one has already been loaded

+       before"""


      logger = logging.getLogger('koji.plugins')

-     if os.path.exists(path):

-         tracker = koji.plugin.PluginTracker(path=path)

-         for name in sorted(os.listdir(path)):

-             if not name.endswith('.py'):

-                 continue

-             name = name[:-3]

-             logger.info('Loading plugin: %s', name)

-             tracker.load(name)

-             register_plugin(tracker.get(name))

+     paths = []

+     # first, always load plugins from koji_cli_plugins module

+     paths.append(

+         '%s/lib/python%s.%s/site-packages/koji_cli_plugins' %

+         (sys.prefix, sys.version_info[0], sys.version_info[1]))

+     # second, always load plugins from ~/.koji/plugins

+     paths.append(os.path.expanduser('~/.koji/plugins'))

+     # finally, update plugin_paths to the list

+     if plugin_paths:

+         if not isinstance(plugin_paths, (list, tuple)):

+             plugin_paths = plugin_paths.split(':')

+         paths.extend([os.path.expanduser(p) for p in reversed(plugin_paths)])

+     tracker = koji.plugin.PluginTracker()

+     for path in paths:

+         if os.path.exists(path) and os.path.isdir(path):

+             for name in sorted(os.listdir(path)):

+                 fullname = os.path.join(path, name)

+                 if not (os.path.isfile(fullname) and name.endswith('.py')):

+                     continue

+                 name = name[:-3]

+                 logger.info('Loading plugin: %s', fullname)

+                 register_plugin(tracker.load(name, path=path, reload=True))



  def get_options():
@@ -124,6 +144,8 @@ 

      parser.add_option("--weburl", help=_("url of the Koji web interface"))

      parser.add_option("--topurl", help=_("url for Koji file access"))

      parser.add_option("--pkgurl", help=SUPPRESS_HELP)

+     parser.add_option("--plugin-paths", metavar='PATHS',

+             help=_("specify additional plugin paths (colon separated)"))

      parser.add_option("--help-commands", action="store_true", default=False, help=_("list commands"))

      (options, args) = parser.parse_args()

@@ -163,9 +185,7 @@ 


                  warn("Warning: The pkgurl option is obsolete, please use topurl instead")


-     plugins_path = '%s/lib/python%s.%s/site-packages/koji_cli_plugins' % \

-                    (sys.prefix, sys.version_info[0], sys.version_info[1])

-     load_plugins(options, plugins_path)

+     load_plugins(options.plugin_paths)


      if options.help_commands:


file modified
@@ -37,6 +37,12 @@ 

  ;certificate of the CA that issued the HTTP server certificate

  ;serverca = ~/.koji/serverca.crt


+ ;plugin paths, separated by ':' as the same as the shell's PATH

+ ;koji_cli_plugins module and ~/.koji/plugins are always loaded in advance,

+ ;and then be overridden by this option

+ ;plugin_paths = ~/.koji/plugins


+ ;[not_implemented_yet]

  ;enabled plugins for CLI, runroot and save_failed_tree are available

  ;plugins =


file modified
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@@ -1699,7 +1699,8 @@ 

          'authtype': None,

          'debug': False,

          'debug_xmlrpc': False,

-         'pyver' : None,

+         'pyver': None,

+         'plugin_paths': None,



      result = config_defaults.copy()

tests/test_cli/data/cli_plugins1/not_plugin.omg tests/test_cli/data/plugins/not_plugin.omg
file renamed
file was moved with no change to the file
tests/test_cli/data/cli_plugins1/plugin1.py tests/test_cli/data/plugins/plugin1.py
file renamed
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@@ -1,20 +1,24 @@ 

  from __future__ import absolute_import

  from koji.plugin import export_cli, export_as





  def foo():





  def foo2():




  def foo3():




  foo4 = 'foo4'



  class bar():



tests/test_cli/data/cli_plugins1/plugin2.py tests/test_cli/data/plugins/plugin2.py
file renamed
file was moved with no change to the file
@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@ 

+ from koji.plugin import export_cli



+ @export_cli

+ def foo5():

+     pass

@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@ 

+ from koji.plugin import export_cli, export_as



+ @export_as('foo6')

+ @export_cli

+ def foo():

+     pass

@@ -1,23 +1,33 @@ 

  from __future__ import absolute_import

- import mock


  import os



      import unittest2 as unittest

  except ImportError:

      import unittest


+ import mock


  from . import loadcli


  cli = loadcli.cli



  class TestLoadPlugins(unittest.TestCase):



-     def test_load_plugins(self, getLogger):

-         options = mock.MagicMock()

-         cli.load_plugins(options, os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/data/plugins')

+     @mock.patch('os.path.isdir')

+     def test_load_plugins(self, isdir, getLogger):

+         # skip system path and default user plugin directory check

+         isdir.side_effect = lambda path: False if path.startswith('/usr') \

+                             or path == os.path.expanduser("~/.koji/plugins") \

+                             else True

+         cli.load_plugins(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/data/cli_plugins1:' +

+                          os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/data/cli_plugins2')



+         self.assertTrue(hasattr(cli, 'foo6'))

          self.assertFalse(hasattr(cli, 'foo3'))

          self.assertFalse(hasattr(cli, 'foo4'))

+         self.assertTrue(hasattr(cli, 'foo5'))

          self.assertFalse(hasattr(cli, 'sth'))

  • add plugin_path in koji.conf
  • add --plugin-paths in cli arguments

fixes: #887

I would swap the order, so system plugins are loaded first and possibly overridden by user ones.

I would swap the order, so system plugins are loaded first and possibly overridden by user ones.

User path will be searched in before system plugin path. Like the behavior of plugin2.py in unit test, if plugin filename is the same, the one in user path is loaded, and the one in system path is skipped, I think it should have the same result as the overriding approach.

if -p is not used, it fails on plugin_paths.append, as plugin_paths is None, so

    plugin_paths = []

I've added one more comment, but yes, you're right and it works correctly for me.

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3 years ago

I added some extra info in help and comments in koji.conf

Dominance does not appear to be stable, at least in python3. If I define a plugin in ~/.koji/plugins that overrides the runroot command (but is not named runroot.py), then a random one appears to win.

Looks like we're trying to pick the first plugin file per name, which seems reasonable, but we then rely on imp.find_module to pick it from the set of paths.

rebased onto 43f9490b497cfdfcf15388c40772dd01924ab689

3 years ago

updated the loading order
will load plugins from module koji_cli_plugins -> ~/.koji/plugins/ > user defined dirs
and reload every file and method(no matter if the filename is duplicated)

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@julian8628 Hi, can you rebase this one? (merge conflict)

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These are not appended, but prepended. This wording leads me to understanding, that user's plugin will always have priority, which is not true.

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  • cli: also load plugins from ~/.koji/plugins
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  • adjust cli plugin config description
  • cli: also load plugins from ~/.koji/plugins
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This isn't quite where it needs to be, but I think further work can be deferred or at least split out.

Minor changes here. Please check:


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Further work may be related to #1534

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