#590 support repo_include_all tag extra option
Merged 2 years ago by mikem. Opened 2 years ago by mikem.
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This looks like what we need. +1

Note that I'm not able to actually test it anyhow - I do not have my own Koji instance :).

looks like this needs a rebase

FYI, @ausil and @kevin - I would like to apply this patch (once rebased and merged) to our koji instance as soon as possible (to enable usage by the MBS in fm-orchestrator#693).

This shouldn't affect any of our traditional tags and the way they work, since they won't have this option set at the tag level.

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2 years ago

Seems fine to me. Will need a FBR or wait until after beta of course...

Thanks for merging, koji++ :).

Thanks @kevin. I wonder whether or not we should wait for koji-1.14.0 (see releng#7054) for tracking deployment.

Sure, if we are waiting until after freeze that seems good. If you are wanting to do a freeze break, I'd stick to just the one patch.

This particular change is a single commit and I suspect it will apply cleanly to 1.13.0 if you're in a hurry. Otherwise 1.14.0 is due pretty soon

if you're in a hurry.

Currently just not sure. Will have to check with the modularity cabal to get a sense of how much this is or isn't blocking folks. Thanks again. :)