#3415 Rename log to cg_import.log and add successful import log message.
Merged 2 months ago by tkopecek. Opened 2 months ago by jcupova.
jcupova/koji issue-3414  into  master

file modified
+2 -1
@@ -6624,7 +6624,8 @@ 

          if self.rpm_log_file is not None:

              logsdir = joinpath(koji.pathinfo.build(self.buildinfo), 'data/logs/')


-             path = joinpath(logsdir, 'external_rpm_warning.log')

+             path = joinpath(logsdir, 'cg_import.log')

+             self.rpm_log_file.write('CG import was SUCCESSFUL.\n')

              safer_move(self.rpm_log_file.name, path)


      def get_metadata(self, metadata, directory):

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