#3354 remove force option from groupPackageListRemove hub call
Merged 2 months ago by tkopecek. Opened 3 months ago by jcupova.
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file modified
+3 -6
@@ -2039,7 +2039,7 @@ 




- def grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name, force=None):

+ def grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name):

      """Remove package from the list for group-tag


      Really this shouldn't be used except in special cases
@@ -2047,14 +2047,11 @@ 


      # only admins....


-     _grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name, force)

+     _grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name)



- def _grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name, force):

+ def _grp_pkg_remove(taginfo, grpinfo, pkg_name):

      """grp_pkg_remove without permssion checks"""

-     if force is not None:

-         logger.warning("force option in groupPackageListRemove call is deprecated and "

-                        "will be removed in 1.30")

      tag_id = get_tag_id(taginfo, strict=True)

      grp_id = get_group_id(grpinfo, strict=True)

      update = UpdateProcessor('group_package_listing', values=locals(),

Why we're just not removing that option? (I'm not sure maybe we've already discussed it ;-))

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@tkopecek option removed only without other changes.

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