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  def get_build_logs(build):

-     """Return a list of log files for the given build"""

+     """Return a list of log files for the given build


+     This method will only return logs for builds that are complete.

+     If a build is in progress, failed, or canceled, you must look at the

+     build's task logs instead (see listTaskOutput).


+     :param build: A build ID (int), a NVR (string), or a dict containing

+                   "name", "version" and "release".

+     :returns: a possibly-empty list of log file entries. Each entry is a dict

+               with three keys:

+                 "name" (log file name)

+                 "dir" (immediate parent subdirectory)

+                 "path" (the full path under koji's topdir)

+     """

      buildinfo = get_build(build, strict=True)

      logdir = koji.pathinfo.build_logs(buildinfo)

      logreldir = os.path.relpath(logdir, koji.pathinfo.topdir)

Update the getBuildLogs RPC docstring to describe the build parameters and the return type. Highlight that this call is only relevant for completed builds, not incomplete builds.

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