#3139 www: style channelinfo hosts table
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ktdreyer/koji www-channelinfo-style  into  master

@@ -31,14 +31,14 @@ 



        #if $len($hosts) > 0

-       <table>

-         <tr>

+       <table class="data-list">

+         <tr class="list-header">





        #for $host in $hosts

-         <tr>

+         <tr class="$util.rowToggle($self)">

            <td><a href="hostinfo?hostID=$host.id">$host.name</a></td>

            <td class="$str($bool($host.enabled)).lower()">#if $host.enabled then $util.imageTag('yes') else $util.imageTag('no')#</td>

            <td class="$str($bool($host.ready)).lower()">#if $host.ready then $util.imageTag('yes') else $util.imageTag('no')#</td>

This PR fixes the alignments and styles in the channelinfo page.

You can see the alignment problem in Fedora's theme, for example: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/channelinfo?channelID=6

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