#3138 doc: improve protonmsg SSL parameter descriptions
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  * ``urls`` -- a space separated list of amqps urls. Additional urls are

    treated as fallbacks. The plugin will send to the first one that accepts

    the message

- * ``cert`` -- the client cert file for authentication

- * ``cacert`` -- the ca cert to validate the server

+ * ``cert`` -- the combined client cert and key file for authenticating koji to

+   the broker.

+ * ``cacert`` -- the CA certificate to verify the broker server TLS connection

  * ``topic_prefix`` -- this string will be used as a prefix for all message topics

  * ``connect_timeout`` -- the number of seconds to wait for a connection before

    timing out

Explain that the cert is a combination of public certificate and key file.

Explain that cacert is the CA that signed the amqps broker's certificate.

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