#3104 Make setup.py executable
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@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@ 

+ #!/usr/bin/env python

  from __future__ import absolute_import


  from setuptools import setup

In order use setup.py locally, it needs to be executable.
Also, it is easier to call with a hashbang.

Don't most projects run python setup.py instead of ./setup.py?

Don't most projects run python setup.py instead of ./setup.py?

I have not contributed to enough python projects so say what most projects do,
but this is the only one that I have met whose setup.py is not runnable with ./setup.py.
I have only started with Python because it is in heavy use in Fedora,
the others where I have done something are rpkg, fedpkg, FedoraReview and anitya.

I think that main reason fro "general" python projects is portability to e.g. windows where hashbang doesn't help. setuptools examples shows it with python setup.py. On the other hand there is no harm in making it executable as we're hardly "general" project.

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