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  def readTaggedRPMS(tag, package=None, arch=None, event=None, inherit=False, latest=True,

                     rpmsigs=False, owner=None, type=None):

-     """Returns a list of rpms for specified tag

+     """Returns a list of rpms and builds for specified tag


-     set inherit=True to follow inheritance

-     set event to query at a time in the past

-     set latest=False to get all tagged RPMS (not just from the latest builds)

-     set latest=N to get only the N latest tagged RPMs


-     If type is not None, restrict the list to rpms from builds of the given type.  Currently the

-     supported types are 'maven' and 'win'.

+     :param int|str tag: The tag name or ID to search

+     :param str package: Filter on a package name.

+     :param str|list arch: Filter on an architecture (eg "x86_64") or list of

+                           architectures.

+     :param int event: The event ID at which to search. If unspecified, the

+                       default behavior is to search for the "active" tag

+                       builds.

+     :param bool inherit: Follow tag inheritance (default: False)

+     :param bool|int latest: Set to "True" to get the single latest build. Set

+                             to an int "N" to get the latest "N" builds. If

+                             unspecified, the default value is "False", and

+                             Koji will list all builds in the tag.

+     :param str rpmsigs: Filter on an RPM signature key (eg "FD431D51")

+     :param str owner: Filter by build owner name

+     :param str type: Filter by build type. Supported types are 'maven',

+                      'win', and 'image'.

+     :returns: a two-element list. The first element is the list of RPMs, and

+               the second element is the list of builds.


      taglist = [tag]

      if inherit:

Update the readTaggedRPMS RPC docstring to describe all parameters and the return value.

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