#2879 Remove deprecated readGlobalInheritance
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file modified
@@ -654,20 +654,6 @@ 

          raise koji.GenericError("Invalid event: %r" % event)



- def readGlobalInheritance(event=None):

-     logger.warning("The getGlobalInheritance call is deprecated and will be removed in 1.25.")

-     c = context.cnx.cursor()

-     fields = ('tag_id', 'parent_id', 'name', 'priority', 'maxdepth', 'intransitive',

-               'noconfig', 'pkg_filter')

-     q = """SELECT %s FROM tag_inheritance JOIN tag ON parent_id = id

-     WHERE %s

-     ORDER BY priority

-     """ % (",".join(fields), eventCondition(event))

-     c.execute(q, locals())

-     # convert list of lists into a list of dictionaries

-     return [dict(zip(fields, x)) for x in c.fetchall()]



  def readInheritanceData(tag_id, event=None):

      c = context.cnx.cursor()

      fields = ('parent_id', 'name', 'priority', 'maxdepth', 'intransitive', 'noconfig',
@@ -11574,8 +11560,6 @@ 


      checkTagAccess = staticmethod(check_tag_access)


-     getGlobalInheritance = staticmethod(readGlobalInheritance)


      def getInheritanceData(self, tag, event=None):

          """Return inheritance data for tag"""

          tag = get_tag_id(tag, strict=True)

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readGlobalInheritance is quite old and was never used. I think I intended to use it in kojira at some point, but never got there. Definitely ok to remove.

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