#2877 Livecd handler set up release if release not given
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@@ -2698,7 +2698,10 @@ 

          # build the image

          bld_info = None


-             release = opts.get('release')

+             if opts.get('release') is None:

+                 release = self.session.getNextRelease({'name': name, 'version': version})

+             else:

+                 release = opts.get('release')

              if not opts.get('scratch'):

                  bld_info = self.initImageBuild(name, version, release,

                                                 target_info, opts)

getNextRelease has buildinfo as option (dict with at least name + version)

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a year ago

It is a tag id, not build id. Build will never exist for scratch. You've to manually create dict with nvr from task paramaters.

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a year ago

self.getNextRelease doesn't exist - typo?

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