#284 Show build link(s) on buildContainer task page
Merged 2 years ago by tkopecek. Opened 5 years ago by tkopecek.

file modified
+7 -2
@@ -666,15 +666,20 @@ 

      elif task['method'] == 'restartVerify':

          values['rtask'] = server.getTaskInfo(params[0], request=True)


+     values['taskBuilds'] = []

      if task['state'] in (koji.TASK_STATES['CLOSED'], koji.TASK_STATES['FAILED']):


              result = server.getTaskResult(task['id'])

-             values['result'] = result

-             values['excClass'] = None


              excClass, exc = sys.exc_info()[:2]

              values['result'] = exc

              values['excClass'] = excClass

+         if not values.get('result'):

+             values['result'] = result

+             values['excClass'] = None

+             if task['method'] == 'buildContainer' and 'koji_builds' in result:

+                 values['taskBuilds'] = [

+                         server.getBuild(int(buildID)) for buildID in result['koji_builds']]


          values['result'] = None

          values['excClass'] = None

@@ -314,6 +314,13 @@ 

        <th>Build</th><td><a href="buildinfo?buildID=$taskBuild.build_id">$koji.buildLabel($taskBuild)</a></td>


      #end if

+     #if $taskBuilds

+     #for $build in $taskBuilds

+     <tr>

+       <th>Build</th><td><a href="buildinfo?buildID=$build.build_id">$koji.buildLabel($build)</a></td>

+     </tr>

+     #end for

+     #end if




Workaround before we have a proper web plugin API

Check results, possible try/except for KeyErrors.


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5 years ago

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2 years ago

When I try this with some real data, the section is missing and the Result shows a traceback from the web code rather than the actual (non-traceback) result.

GenericError: invalid format: 1011148

So there are two problems here. First the code should not show its own exception as a task result. To avoid this, we should pull everything but the call to server.getTaskResult out of the try.

Second, to be friendly to this plugin, we should probably handle the case the build id is an integer in string format. We might consider doing that in the getBuild call itself, but if not we could handle it here.

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