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  <h4>API reference <small>(hub version: $koji_version, web version: $koji.__version__)</small></h4>


+ Various constants used in API calls can be found in first part of <a

+ href="https://pagure.io/koji/blob/master/f/koji/__init__.py">koji module</a>.

+ Exceptions which can be raised in python client are just after constants section.


+ Basic anonymous client in python would look like this:


+ <pre>

+ import koji


+ mytag = "mytag"

+ session = koji.ClientSession("$koji_hub_url")

+ try:

+     repo_info = session.getRepo(mytag, koji.REPO_STATES["READY"], dist=True)

+     if not repo_info:

+         print(f"There is no active dist repo for {mytag}")

+ except koji.GenericError:

+     print(f"Tag {mytag} doesn't exist")

+ </pre>


+ <h4>List of API calls</h4>


  #for method in $methods


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      values = _initValues(environ, 'API', 'api')

      server = _getServer(environ)


+     values['koji_hub_url'] = environ['koji.options']['KojiHubURL']

      values['methods'] = sorted(server._listapi(), key=lambda x: x['name'])


          values['koji_version'] = server.getKojiVersion()

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