#2784 Tolerate floats in metadata timestamps
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Tolerate floats in metadata timestamps
Alex Iribarren • a year ago  
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@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ 

                  r = requests.get(arch_url, timeout=5)

                  root = ElementTree.fromstring(r.text)

                  ts_elements = root.iter('{http://linux.duke.edu/metadata/repo}timestamp')

-                 arch_ts = max([int(child.text) for child in ts_elements])

+                 arch_ts = max([round(float(child.text)) for child in ts_elements])

                  self.external_repo_ts[arch_url] = arch_ts

                  max_ts = max(max_ts, arch_ts)

              except Exception:

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a year ago

#2785 has already been merged, so I guess this can be closed?

No, I've just closed mine without merging as I've noticed yours.

Anyway, I was thinking about just float conversion. We can miss some updates (very hypothetically). If I've 123 timestamp for koji's repo and and external repo is 123.45 it will be ignored.

I added the round in case anything else depended on the timestamp being an int, although it didn't look like it would be an issue. Anyway, float(child.text) should be fine.

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a year ago

Commit d8c46e8 fixes this pull-request

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