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  def get_next_release(build_info):

-     """find the last successful or deleted build of this N-V. If building is

-     specified, skip also builds in progress"""

+     """

+     Find the next release for a package's version.


+     This method searches the latest building, successful, or deleted build and

+     returns the "next" release value for that version.


+     Examples:


+       None becomes "1"

+       "123" becomes "124"

+       "123.el8" becomes "124.el8"

+       "123.snapshot.456" becomes "123.snapshot.457"


+     All other formats will raise koji.BuildError.


+     :param dict build_info: a dict with two keys: a package "name" and

+                             "version" of the builds to search. For example,

+                             {"name": "bash", "version": "4.4.19"}

+     :returns: a release string for this package, for example "15.el8".

+     :raises: BuildError if the latest build uses a release value that Koji

+              does not know how to increment.

+     """

      values = {

          'name': build_info['name'],

          'version': build_info['version'],

Update the getNextRelease RPC docstring to describe what this method does and what the parameter and return values are.

I would also expand it a bit on expected release formats.

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Thanks! Those regexes are difficult for me to read at a glance. I updated this PR with your human-readable example values. This should make maintenance easier because we won't have to copy-and-paste regexes between the code and the doc, and interested users can read the hub's source code to find out more about the implementation for now.

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