#2682 don't assume that the hub will report arches for external repos
Merged a year ago by tkopecek. Opened a year ago by mikem.
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file modified
+1 -1
@@ -5553,7 +5553,7 @@ 

          # generate repo url list, starting with our local premerge repo

          repos = ['file://' + localdir + '/']

          for repo in external_repos:

-             if repo['arches'] and arch not in repo['arches'].split():

+             if repo.get('arches') and arch not in repo['arches'].split():

                  # ignore external repo with non-relevant archlist


              ext_url = repo['url']

file modified
+4 -1
@@ -4937,7 +4937,10 @@ 

          if external_repos:

              print("External repos:")

              for rinfo in external_repos:

-                 if not rinfo['arches']:

+                 if 'arches' not in rinfo:

+                     # older hubs will not return this field

+                     rinfo['arches'] = '-'

+                 elif not rinfo['arches']:

                      rinfo['arches'] = 'inherited from tag'

                      # TODO else intersection of arches?

                  print("  %(priority)3i %(external_repo_name)s "

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  • make builder code similarly tolerant
a year ago

I've also added a similar change for the builder code. While we always recommend matching Koji versions between the builder and hub, we should be considerate of the practical problems of applying updates across the full system.

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