#2427 add migration note regarding dropped krb configuration options
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  For more information see: `PR#2244 <https://pagure.io/koji/pull-request/2244>`_ and

  `PR#2280 <https://pagure.io/koji/pull-request/2280>`_


+ As part of this, the ``krbservice`` and ``krb_rdns`` options have been dropped.

+ These options were accepted in several configuration files and also as command

+ line options (``--krbservice`` and ``--krb-rdns``) in the cli and some utility

+ scripts.

+ In the Web UI configuration (``web.conf``), these options were named

+ ``KrbService`` and ``KrbRDNS``.

+ Users and admins should remove these options from their configuration.


+ These options will cause an error if given on the command line.

+ They will also cause an error if used in the following configuration files:


+ * kojid.conf

+ * kojira.conf



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