#2401 kojira: drop reference to krb_login
Merged 2 years ago by tkopecek. Opened 2 years ago by mikem.
mikem/koji one-last-krb-login  into  master

file modified
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@@ -1192,7 +1192,7 @@ 

          # authenticate using user/password


      elif koji.reqgssapi and options.principal and options.keytab:

-         session.krb_login(options.principal, options.keytab, options.ccache)

+         session.gssapi_login(options.principal, options.keytab, options.ccache)


          quit("No username/password/certificate supplied and Kerberos missing or not configured")

      # get an exclusive session

this call to krb_login was accidentally re-introduced with a merge commit.

Fixes https://pagure.io/koji/issue/2400

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