#2348 fix option order
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@@ -1231,7 +1231,7 @@ 

      return packages



- def list_tags(build=None, package=None, perms=True, pattern=None, queryOpts=None):

+ def list_tags(build=None, package=None, perms=True, queryOpts=None, pattern=None):

      """List tags according to filters


      :param int|str build: If build is specified, only return tags associated with
@@ -1247,6 +1247,7 @@ 

                                - blocked

                                - extra_arches

      :param bool perms: If perms is True, perm_id and perm is added to resulting maps.

+     :param dict queryOpts: hash with query options for QueryProcessor

      :param pattern: If glob pattern is specified, only return tags matching that pattern.


      :returns list of dicts: Each map contains id, name, arches and locked keys and

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