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@@ -10438,7 +10438,14 @@ 

          add_external_repo_to_tag(tag_info, repo_info, priority, merge_mode)


      def removeExternalRepoFromTag(self, tag_info, repo_info):

-         """Remove an external repo from a tag"""

+         """

+         Remove an external repo from a tag


+         :param tag_info: Tag name or ID number

+         :param repo_info: External repository name or ID number

+         :raises: GenericError if this external repo is not associated

+                  with this tag.

+         """

          # wrap the local method so we don't expose the event parameter

          remove_external_repo_from_tag(tag_info, repo_info)


Describe the types of each argument to the removeExternalRepoFromTag() method.

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