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      def addExternalRepoToTag(self, tag_info, repo_info, priority,


-         """Add an external repo to a tag"""

+         """Add an external repo to a tag.


+         :param tag_info: Tag name or ID number

+         :param repo_info: External repository name or ID number

+         :param int priority: Priority of this repository for this tag

+         :param str merge_mode: This must be one of the values of the

+                                koji.REPO_MERGE_MODES set. If unspecified,

+                                the default is "koji".

+         """

          # wrap the local method so we don't expose the event parameter

          add_external_repo_to_tag(tag_info, repo_info, priority, merge_mode)


Describe the types of each argument to the addExternalRepoToTag() method.

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