#2141 kojiweb: update for mod_auth_gssapi configuration
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@@ -24,15 +24,11 @@ 


  # uncomment this to enable authentication via Kerberos

  # <Location /koji/login>

- #     AuthType Kerberos

+ #     AuthType GSSAPI

  #     AuthName "Koji Web UI"

- #     KrbMethodNegotiate on

- #     KrbMethodK5Passwd off

- #     KrbServiceName HTTP

- #     KrbAuthRealm EXAMPLE.COM

- #     Krb5Keytab /etc/httpd.keytab

- #     KrbSaveCredentials off

+ #     GssapiCredStore keytab:/etc/koji.keytab

  #     Require valid-user

+ #     GssapiLocalName Off

  #     ErrorDocument 401 /koji-static/errors/unauthorized.html

  # </Location>


Delete the mod_auth_kerb configuration settings from the sample kojiweb.conf file. Add the mod_auth_gssapi settings instead.

I tested a config almost identical to this with mod_auth_gssapi-1.5.1-5.el7 and it works.

Would be nice to have consistency in option values. In ssllogin, there is Off (note uppper case O). Also would be nice to have here GssapiSSLonly Off also for consistency reasons.

However, I have tested this on my installation and it works just fine.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the review and testing @ignatenkobrain!

I've changed "off" to "Off" for consistency with the rest of the configuration in the tree.

Regarding GssapiSSLonly, I did not realize that we actually recommended turn that off on the hub. That is dangerous. We should actually set Require ssl for all login URLs (/koji/login and /kojihub/ssllogin). I can file a separate PR for that.

https://pagure.io/koji/pull-request/2162 removes GssapiSSLonly Off from the Koij hub Apache configuration.

I investigated at Require ssl and it gets complicated because we have to wrap it in a <RequireAll> section. We can use the older SSLRequireSSL setting for simplicity. Let's add that in a separate PR, though.

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