#2081 new policy for dist-repo
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@@ -11816,7 +11816,8 @@ 


      def distRepo(self, tag, keys, **task_opts):

          """Create a dist-repo task. returns task id"""

-         context.session.assertPerm('dist-repo')

+         if not context.session.hasPerm('dist-repo') and not context.session.hasPerm('admin'):

+             assert_policy('dist_repo', {'tag': tag})

          repo_id, event_id = dist_repo_init(tag, keys, task_opts)

          task_opts['event'] = event_id

          # cancel potentially running distRepos

@@ -85,14 +85,16 @@ 


  class TestDistRepo(unittest.TestCase):


+     @mock.patch('kojihub.assert_policy')



-     def test_DistRepo(self, make_task, dist_repo_init):

+     def test_DistRepo(self, make_task, dist_repo_init, assert_policy):

          session = kojihub.context.session = mock.MagicMock()

          session.user_id = 123

          # It seems MagicMock will not automatically handle attributes that

          # start with "assert"

-         session.assertPerm = mock.MagicMock()

+         session.hasPerm = mock.MagicMock()

+         session.hasPerm.return_value = False

          dist_repo_init.return_value = ('repo_id', 'event_id')

          make_task.return_value = 'task_id'

          exports = kojihub.RootExports()
@@ -101,7 +103,8 @@ 


          ret = exports.distRepo('tag', 'keys')


-         session.assertPerm.assert_called_once_with('dist-repo')

+         session.hasPerm.has_calls(mock.call('dist_repo'), mock.call('admin'))

+         assert_policy.assert_called_once_with('dist_repo', {'tag': 'tag'})



          self.assertEquals(ret, make_task.return_value)

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these 2 asserts failed,'dist-repo' <-> 'dist_repo'

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2 years ago

Ouch, I've renamed it in the end to be consistent with existing policy names. Fixed in test.

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I think we should assert login before checking policy.

We're providing the keys value to the policy, but there is no policy handler than can interpret it.

  • there are no specific handlers for this value
  • none of the generic handlers understand lists

Otoh, we're omitting the opts parameter, which could be relevant in principle.

I suppose all we really need to solve #1660 is user data, which is implicit. Perhaps the easiest thing would be to only explicitly provide the tag value.

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