#1918 cli: add "--new" option in "grant-permission" help summary
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@@ -2189,7 +2189,7 @@ 


  def handle_grant_permission(goptions, session, args):

      "[admin] Grant a permission to a user"

-     usage = _("usage: %prog grant-permission <permission> <user> [<user> ...]")

+     usage = _("usage: %prog grant-permission [--new] <permission> <user> [<user> ...]")

      parser = OptionParser(usage=get_usage_str(usage))

      parser.add_option("--new", action="store_true", help=_("Create a new permission"))

      (options, args) = parser.parse_args(args)

Prior to this change, koji grant-permission -h showed the --new option at the bottom of the output, but not in the summary. This made it easy to visually skip over this option.

Update the help text example so users can quickly understand how to use the --new option.

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