#1868 extend docstrings for CGInit/RefundBuild
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@@ -5800,6 +5800,12 @@ 

      """Create (reserve) a build_id for given data.


      If build already exists, init_build will raise GenericError


+     :param str cg: content generator name

+     :param dict data: build data same as for new_build, for given usecase

+                       only name,version,release,epoch keys make sense. Some

+                       other values will be ignored anyway (owner, state, ...)

+     :return: dict with build_id and token



      cg_id = lookup_name('content_generator', cg, strict=True)['id']
@@ -5825,7 +5831,16 @@ 

      to release reservation and mark build either FAILED or CANCELED.

      For this calling CG needs to know build_id and reservation token.


-     On success it doesn't return nothing. On error it raises an exception.

+     Refunded build behaves like any other failed/canceled build. So,

+     its nvr can be reclaimed again and get_next_release can return

+     this nvr.


+     :param str cg: content generator name

+     :param int build_id: build id

+     :param str token: token from CGInitBuild

+     :param int state: new state (koji.BUILD_STATES)


+     :return: None, on error raises exception



      if state not in (koji.BUILD_STATES['FAILED'], koji.BUILD_STATES['CANCELED']):