#1738 --disabled alias for --not-enabled in list-hosts
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@@ -2863,6 +2863,7 @@ 

      parser.add_option("--not-ready", action="store_false", dest="ready", help=_("Limit to not ready hosts"))

      parser.add_option("--enabled", action="store_true", help=_("Limit to enabled hosts"))

      parser.add_option("--not-enabled", action="store_false", dest="enabled", help=_("Limit to not enabled hosts"))

+     parser.add_option("--disabled", action="store_false", dest="enabled", help=_("Alias for --not-enabled"))

      parser.add_option("--quiet", action="store_true", default=goptions.quiet,

                  help=_("Do not print header information"))

      parser.add_option("--show-channels", action="store_true", help=_("Show host's channels"))

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