#1516 kojibuilder: Pass mergerepo_c --all for bare mode as well.
Merged 2 years ago by mikem. Opened 2 years ago by kevin.

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@@ -5329,7 +5329,7 @@ 

          elif merge_mode == 'bare':

              # "bare" merge mode for repos with modular metadata

              # forces use of mergerepo_c

-             cmd = ['/usr/bin/mergerepo_c', '--pkgorigins']

+             cmd = ['/usr/bin/mergerepo_c', '--pkgorigins', '--all']

          elif self.options.use_createrepo_c:

              cmd = ['/usr/bin/mergerepo_c', '--koji']


The '--koji' mode of mergerepo_c implies --all, and thats what we want
for bare mode as well. The default merge mode is 'repo' which uses the
first found package by name if multiple packages with the same name are
in the multiple repos. This causes chaos with rhel8 repos as GA and
updates content are in the same repo and if it hits an old version of
one package and an update of another that depends on the new version
it blows up.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Fenzi kevin@scrye.com

The '--koji' mode of mergerepo_c implies --all

Does it? Maybe I guess, but --koji only allows one build per package name (by looking at sourcerpm field and grouping), so it's not really "all versions". I suppose in the sketchy case where two different packages provided a subpackage of the same name that --koji mode would include both.

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2 years ago

Oh, we already had #1519 to track. It's important to reference this in the PR somewhere