#1327 volume option for dist-repo
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When the rpms live on a different volume, it's very inefficient to generate a dist repo on the main volume (because rpms will have to be copied instead of linked). This change allows the user to specify the volume for the repo.

Fixes: #1366

Now that I'm filing this, I realize that I need to update kojira as well...

5 new commits added

  • fix unit test
  • handle other volumes in pruneLocalRepos
  • kojira: handle repos on other volumes
  • also write repo.json for normal repos
  • write repo.json in dist_repo_init
3 years ago

1 new commit added

  • fix
3 years ago

@mikem Please make sure to clean up the commits before merging it. Commits that just say fix don't help anyone later down the road...

@ngompa In this project, PRs are the unit of change and we have an always merge policy. Anyone looking at commits needs to consider them in the context of the PR they are contained in.

That said, of course it is better to have clear commit messages (and I usually do).

@mikem I'm aware of that, but I was trying to figure out what the specific change that came from fix was for. Normally, the commits going in do actually make sense, so I don't have to say anything.

rebased onto 0f2fc87

3 years ago

2 new commits added

  • handle symlinks in pruneLocalRepos
  • only call get_info() if we're going to need it
3 years ago

Needed a couple fixes. Seems to be working better now.

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3 years ago

I've created an issue #1366 to track this in roadmap, etc.

is needed here for completely new repos.

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  • ensuredir for repo volume symlinks
3 years ago

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