#1253 cli: add option for custom cert location
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@@ -103,6 +103,8 @@ 

      parser.add_option("--keytab", help=_("specify a Kerberos keytab to use"), metavar="FILE")

      parser.add_option("--principal", help=_("specify a Kerberos principal to use"))

      parser.add_option("--krbservice", help=_("specify the Kerberos service name for the hub"))

+     parser.add_option("--cert", help=_("specify a SSL cert to use"), metavar="FILE")

+     parser.add_option("--ca", help=_("specify a SSL CA to use"), metavar="FILE")

      parser.add_option("--runas", help=_("run as the specified user (requires special privileges)"))

      parser.add_option("--user", help=_("specify user"))

      parser.add_option("--password", help=_("specify password"))

The CLI allows setting custom information for Kerberos and password auth. I've added a flag to allow setting a custom SSL cert as well.

If we go this way, doesn't make sense to expose also serverca option, to be in line with config options?

I can certainly add that.

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