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      return True


  def get_channel(channelInfo, strict=False):

-     """Return information about a channel."""

+     """

+     Look up the ID number and name for a channel.


+     :param channelInfo: channel ID or name

+     :type channelInfo: int or str

+     :param bool strict: If True, raise an error if we found no matching

+                         channel. If False, simply return None if we found no

+                         matching channel. If unspecified, the default value is

+                         False.

+     :returns: dict of the channel ID and name, or None.

+               For example, {'id': 20, 'name': 'container'}

+     """

      fields = ('id', 'name')

      query = """SELECT %s FROM channels

      WHERE """ % ', '.join(fields)

Describe each of the arguments to the get_channel() method.

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