#929 Task result in web UI would benefit from wrapping
Closed: Fixed 19 days ago by tkopecek. Opened 4 years ago by jflorian.

This may be specific to createrepo tasks as it only seems to be those that irk me, perhaps it's just the length of the message for these. However, when one does fail, I have to use the horizontal scroll bar excessively to read the error message appearing in the Result field. For example, I have on right now saying:

GenericError: failed to merge repos: /usr/bin/mergerepo_c --koji -a armhfp -b /mnt/koji/repos/f28-build/4033/armhfp/blocklist -o /var/tmp/koji/tasks/4216/14216/repo -g /mnt/koji/repos/f28-build/4033/groups/comps.xml -r file:///var/tmp/koji/tasks/4216/14216/repo_4033_premerge/ -r https://www.doubledog.org/pub/mirrors/fedora/updates/28/Everything/armhfp/ -r https://www.doubledog.org/pub/mirrors/fedo ...

... and this all appears on a single unwrapped line. It's minor, I know, but harder to use than it should be. Some nice word wrapping would go a long way here. This is with koji-web-1.15.1-1.el7.noarch.

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