#885 cli: clone-tag raises "GenericError: Request too long"
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by julian8628.

It's caused by the size of multiCall request is too big, which is longer than default MaxRequestLength=4194304

we could

  • Add batch option for muiltCall to roughly limit the size of calls
    It might break one DB transaction to many, and then increase the possibility of data conflict.
  • (long term) move clone-tag functionality from CLI to hub to reduce network effort.
    This approach might make the --verbose and --test behavior a little complicated.

For completeness, there is also an option to split multiCall usage in clone-tag command to reasonable sizes (not affecting API).
Anyway, I would vote for adding batch option to multiCall. User should be aware of this and use this behaviour with knowledge, that each batch create separate transaction.

On Fedora RISC-V koji instance I hit "GenericError: Request too long" also on distRepo task. I will be testing with increased MaxRequestLength.

I decided to do 4x on MaxRequestLength and that resolved the problem I had with distRepo tasks. I didn't test with 2x.

@davidlt, could you please show me the error here?

"GenericError: Request too long" was the whole error message.

See: http://fedora-riscv.tranquillity.se/koji/taskinfo?taskID=633

Metadata Update from @julian8628:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.17

3 years ago

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