#570 support rpm LONG*SIZE header fields
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by mikem.

This is a followup to issue #541, it seems that SIZE is not the only header field with an alternative LONG form. We also have

$ rpm --querytags |grep LONG

In particular, kojiweb will not properly display the files in an rpm if LONGSIZES is used.

I have some work here:


Unfortunately, it quickly runs across the xmlrpc int limits, so we will also need to fix #464. I'll revisit PR #470 tomorrow.

pr #470 closed in favor of #571

Metadata Update from @julian8628:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.14

4 years ago

The long int fix has been merged, so I'll revisit my branch for this...

[mike@localhost koji]$ kdev lkoji call listRPMFiles fake-1.1-9.largefile.noarch
2017-09-08 14:34:44,353 [DEBUG] koji: Opening new requests session
2017-09-08 14:34:44,354 [DEBUG] koji: Opening new requests session
successfully connected to hub
[{'digest': 'a33351fafd00e4c4bcdee2a1c5d019026500f8cdfeaf91a9b8dbbb2619429659',
  'digest_algo': 'sha256',
  'flags': 0,
  'group': 'bin',
  'md5': 'a33351fafd00e4c4bcdee2a1c5d019026500f8cdfeaf91a9b8dbbb2619429659',
  'mode': 33188,
  'mtime': 1504891694,
  'name': '/usr/bin/nosuchfile',
  'size': 5242880000,
  'user': 'bin'}]

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