#549 getBuild() returns a source of None
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I've been poking around with the koji Python bindings today, and I noticed that the response from getBuild() does not include the source. koji list-api says that getBuild() will show the SCM URL in a field called source:

getBuild(buildInfo, strict=False)
  description: Return information about a build.

    buildID may be either a int ID, a string NVR, or a map containing
    'name', 'version' and 'release.

    A map will be returned containing the following keys:
      source: the SCM URL of the sources used in the build

But if I use the Koji Python bindings for a recent bodhi build, I see None as the source:

>>> c = koji.ClientSession('https://koji.fedoraproject.org/kojihub')
>>> print c.getBuild('bodhi-2.9.0-1.fc26')['source']

That field was added as part of the content generator work, classic rpm builds do not populate it at the moment

@bowlofeggs Does this issue impact bodhi package or build? we need calculate this issue priority.

@yulwang No impact on Bodhi, I just wanted to report it since it sounded like the documentation seemed misleading. Thanks for checking!

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