#541 koji doesn't support rpm.RPMTAG_LONGSIZE
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 5 years ago by tkopecek.

Few rpm's >4GB are already using only this tag ans RPMTAG_SIZE is set to null. Few parts of koji will fail with this. Solution could be to silently check for both tags.


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5 years ago

Commit 6930880 relates to this ticket

Is there anything beyond #542 that needs to be done here?

@breilly -- can you check and see if there is anything more that needs to be done here?

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5 years ago

Well, absent further information, I'm going to consider this closed. If there is more work needed, we can re-open or file a new issue.

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4 years ago

Ran some tests and found that there are additional long headers we will need to deal with. Filed as #570

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