#48 RFE: allow buildArch tasks to continue when sibling fails
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 6 years ago by ausil.

We have been talking about merging all the Fedora kojis into one. A request came from the kernel team that is reasonable to me. If the buildArch task fails on one arch allow the others to continue in order to see if there is issues on other arches also.

Likely this needs to be a config option that kojis can turn on or off, perhaps even only for some tags or packages. the task will fail at the end. we would just allow all buildArch tasks to complete rather than cancel them when one fails.

I think CentOS is happy to have this as a global (in kojid.conf) or as an option on individual tags.

This is also something Mageia would be interested in seeing, as we have this in YOURI (our current build system) and we'd like to have this feature when we start looking at a migration to Koji.

@mikem changed the status to Fixed

5 years ago

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