#427 "runroot" not available as a value in the Method list in web UI
Closed: Invalid 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by sharkcz.

In the "Tasks" overview in the web UI there is not a possibility to display "runroot" tasks only using the selection in the "Method" button. It could be change in 1.12, because the option (value) was there previously. Is it a koji UI issue or a configuration issue?

The Method combobox offers "all", "build", "buildSRPMFromSCM", .... seems there are more options than in 1.11, but "runroot" is not there. I'm talking about Fedora koji instance.

It is a configurable field from 1.12. I've created PR for fedora configs: https://github.com/henrysher/fedora-infra-ansible/pull/1 (ping @puiterwijk)

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