#3829 dist-repo can create repodata with wrong checksums
Opened 13 days ago by tkopecek. Modified 2 days ago

As previous repodata could contain different sigkey or unsigned packages, reused repodata via createrepo_c caching can pass the "old" checksums to new repodata (it is by default only selected by nvr). It is a question if all distrepo tasks should disable caching (or at least set createrepo_skip_stat=True) or make a new CLI/API option ala --force or --nocache to request this behaviour. I think that createrepo_skip_stat=True is a good compromise. @mikem?

Do you mean createrepo_skip_stat=False? We default to True already, and it seems like skipping the stat would contribute to the problem.

Of course, I'm sure we added this option for performance reasons, but at least it's configurable.

Metadata Update from @mikem:
- Custom field Size adjusted to None

12 days ago

there is some further design discussion in #3838

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