#371 Slight docs updates required to match how to actually set up Koji
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From IRC some time back:

[Tuesday, February 21, 2017] [12:07:22 PM EST] <Luigi12_work>   Pharaoh_Atem: I will let you do the pull request for the documentation if you're willing, but I did find a definite error in https://docs.pagure.org/koji/server_howto/
[Tuesday, February 21, 2017] [12:08:13 PM EST] <Luigi12_work>   Pharaoh_Atem: in the ssl.cnf paste, it needs to also have default_md = sha256 in the [req] section (currently it only shows it in [ca_default]).  That's how to fix the ca cert being signed with sha1 instead of sha256.
[Tuesday, February 21, 2017] [12:09:34 PM EST] <Luigi12_work>   Pharaoh_Atem: the other thing is, following that documentation, the CN for the kojid cert needs to be the FQDN, not kojid as it suggests.  I think that is probably because of the user= setting they put in kojid.conf later on, but I didn't verify that.
[Tuesday, March 7, 2017] [10:02:51 AM EST] <Luigi12_work>       apparently kojid doesn't use the yum_proxy variable anymore
[Tuesday, March 7, 2017] [10:03:22 AM EST] <Luigi12_work>       I added an EnvironmentFile to kojid's systemd unit and put the proxy variables in there, and now with a regen-repo running, tcpdump shows it's using the proxy

The documentation for setting up Koji should be updated to reflect these differences for Koji 1.12.

1) PR #401
2) I've tested it with username different from FQDN and it seems to work for me on F25. Not sure what's wrong.
3) yum_proxy is used (forwarded to mock config). Anyway, mergerepo uses env variable, so it is not using yum_proxy

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