#362 [RFE] list-builds cli command
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 5 years ago by tkopecek.

Add a list-builds command to the cli that provides at least the same functionality as the builds tab in the web ui. The command should be able to filter by:

  • build number
  • build date
  • build state
  • btype
  • package
  • owner
  • volume

Most of this can be done with the existing listBuilds hub call that the web ui uses.

This seems less like it belongs in the (very simple) search command and more like a specialized build listing command. This is an example of something the web ui can do (the builds tab) that the cli cannot easily.

I would say this might make more sense as a new list-builds command with a number of options. Such a command would almost certainly be based on the listBuilds call which can do almost all of these (excluding build id, which you could use getBuild for).

btw, was does search by build id mean? exact match? greater/lesser? pattern?

:thumbsup: to a list-builds CLI command. Been meaning to write one of those forever.

For date and build_id I would say <,>,=, for build state just enumeration of states. Pattern for numeric id is probably of no use.

I've updated the title/description to match where we're at

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